Twin Otter Extended (FSX+Prepar3D)

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Twin Otter Extended (FSX+Prepar3D)Features:


*100 normal wheels 620 shp (4 blades)
*300 normal wheels 620 shp (3 blades) normal door
*300 normal wheels 620 shp (3 blades) air stair
*300 tundra wheels 620 shp
*300 floats 620 shp
*300 ski/wheel 620 shp
*100 normal wheels 620 shp (streamlined exhaust)
*100 normal wheels 550 shp
*100 tundra wheels 620 shp
*100 tundra wheels 550 shp
*100 floater 550 shp

Flight models

*Very high end flight models for all version.

Engines and airframe

*More realistic engine indications for Torque, RPM and ITT
*Engine anti icing (inertial separator) influence on engine parameters
*Propeller start locks on Float version
*Engine failures due to overtorque, overtemp, engine icing or hotstarts
*Structural icing influence on flight performance
*Functional Fire detection and extinguishing system
*Custom electrical, fuel and hydraulic systems


*Custom coded GPS with Com1 & Nav1 radios (based on the default FSX GPS500)
*United instruments 5506L-S Altitude alerter
*Bendix King KX 155 Com2 and Nav2 radios
*Bendix king KN 64 DME
*Bendix King KR 87 ADF radio
*Bendix King KT 70 transponder
*Bendix King KMA Audio panel
*Collins AP-106 Autopilot with Flight director, manual autopilot mode, IAS hold, altitude capture, Go Around mode, MDA mode, Ded Rec mode as well as hdg, Nav and approach modes.
*Digital Flight data recorder where data can be shown in Google Maps


*Extensive paint kit
*Extensive Manuals
*Fuel planner / cargo loader module
*Livery Manager
*Interactive Checklist

System requirements:

Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor (CPU): 2,6 GHz
Working storage: minimum 2048 MB RAM
Graphics card: 256 MB min. Geforce 6000 or Radeon X 1000
Addition: DirectX: 9.0c or better