Pro Flight Trainer Evolution Black Lynx (PAS Packing)

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Pro Flight Trainer Evolution Black Lynx (PAS Packing)Features:

*high quality joystick grip "B8"
*4 direction hat-switch
*6 push-buttons (with simultaneous actions)
*Throttle Twist grip and Throttle Box

Both Black Lynx and Black Fox are available as:

- RTF packing
- PAS packing

The RTF (Ready To Fly) comes preassembled and prewired. There are only 4 screws to finish
the assembling, and everything else is assembled. The size of the box is much bigger for shipment,
and this explains the higher costs. The unpacking/assembling time averages 5 minutes.

The PAS (Pre-ASsembled) comes "half-assembled". This means all major components and sub-assies comes assembled.
You'll have to assemble the sub-assies together using our very clear and easy to follow flight manual.
There is absolutely no special knowledge required for those operations. We had our staff
(including some without any mecanichal knowhow) "test-assemble" it, without problems.
The unpacking/assembling time averages 50 minutes.
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