Fly the Tiger X(FSX+FS2004)

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Fly the Tiger X(FSX+FS2004) Features:

*Photo realistic and functional 2D- and 3D-Cockpit
*Enhanced INS with manual input of target coordinates
*Traffic Radar in the 2D main panel
*Complete animations
*Night lighting
*Numerous Repaints: Test-Version of the Swiss Airforce, Norway Airforce, Greece Airforce, U.S.Airforce, U.S.Marine, U.S.Navy
*Improved Jet-Sound
*FS2004 only: Dynamic scenery (F-5E Tiger II, F/A-18, Mirage IIIS, Mirage IIIRS, Patrouille Suisse) with additional flights over the Axalp

Special FSX Features:

*FSX textures with Specular-Maps and "Self-Shadowing"
*Improved animations of the visual model and the pilot figure
*Moving drag chute
*Visual effects: Auto-Smoke, Contrail, Afterburner and Hot Air effect
*Audible effects: Sonic boom, Wind noise when the speed brake is extended
*Shark nose of the Swiss Airforce Variants
*Jettison of all loadout in case of emergency (Emergency All Jettison)
*Nose gear extension for take off (to be operated from the virtual cockpit (see video below )
*FSX Mission: Emmen - Axalp


*The F5-E Tiger II is available in various basic models with further variations anddifferent external loads.

*Swiss Airforce J-3019 with various external loads
*Swiss Airforce J-3001 with special livery – test version
*Swiss Airforce J-3003 in the Tiger livery during the Swiss Armed ForcesCompetition 2003 in Emmen.
*Austrian Airforce J-3033 with various external loads
*Greece Airforce
*Norway Airforce (two versions)
*U.S.Airforce (two versions)
*U.S.Marines (two versions)
*U.S.Navy (two versions)

Configuration requise :

Microsoft flight simulator X(version SP1)
Windows® XP SP2 / Vista/7 - Processeur 2GHz - 1Go de RAM (2Go préférable) - Carte graphique 512Mo T&L - Lecteur de DVD-Rom

Pour la version Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2004 :
Windows® 98SE/2000/XP - Processeur 1,5GHz - 1Go de RAM - Carte graphique 512Mo T&L - Lecteur de DVD-Rom
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