Flight1 Ultimate Airliners DC-9 Classic (FSX)

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Flight1 Ultimate Airliners DC-9 Classic (FSX) Highly Detailed 2D Panel

The DC-9 Classic comes with fully operational 2D panel. Two forward views, two views of the pedestal , two views of the overhead panel, four circuit breaker panels, numerous training windows and an assortment of sub-panels and pop-up windows for all your cockpit needs.

Both a 16:9 widescreen version and a 4:3 standard version are included.
Feature-Rich Virtual Cockpit

The virtual cockpit 3D model and textures have been created by McPhat Studios. Widely known for their texture work, McPhat Studios are now also doing great 3D modeling work. They have put the same level of quality and attention to detail into their 3D modeling as they have in their award winning texture packages.With everything modeled in 3D, even down to the smallest moving instrument parts, the virtual cockpit has been designed to maximize the immersion factor and to give you the feeling of `being there` as you fly.

Superb Aircraft Model

The aircraft model, also modeled and textured by McPhat Studios, is just as rich in detail as the virtual cockpit. There are moving parts all around down to the individual control tabs on the control surfaces.

The external aircraft model fully simulates the "flying ailerons and elevators" of the DC-9. Rather than being hydraulically operated, like on most other aircraft, the DC-9 ailerons and elevator are operated by a control tab at the end of the control surface which flies the control surface up and down. This means the control surfaces won`t move on the ground when there is no air flowing over them. The aircraft model`s doors and airstairs can be controlled and operated from the Ground Operations section in the Flight Center.

Six high quality McPhat Studio liveries are included in the release package.

Eastern Air Lines
Hawaiian Airlines
Scandinavian Airlines
Ansett Airlines of Australia

Further liveries are available at McPhat Studios award winning World Airliners addon textures package line.

Navigation Simulator

Radio navigation is the name of the game when you are flying a DC-9. The DC-9 Classic includes a Navigation Simulator that will have you up to speed and flying by radio navigation in no time at all.The Navigation Simulator will show you, on a moving map style display, all the VORs and NDBs around you, your position in relation to them, your heading, your bearing from the selected station, the desired course to or from the selected station and where you are in relation to that plus a whole lot of other data.The Navigation Simulator will give you visually on screen the mental picture that you need to have in your head in order to stay ahead of the aircraft and on top of your navigation.

Interactive Schematics

The DC-9 comes with live interactive schematic drawings of all major systems. These live interactive schematic drawings have been designed to help you understand exactly what is going on with your aircraft and its systems.

Failure Simulation System

The failure simulation system in the DC-9 Classic allows you to practice how to respond to different types of emergency and abnormal situations and scenarios - just like professional pilots do when they go in for their regular simulator training ride.

The DC-9 Classic simulates 140 individual system failures and situations in 3 categories of emergencies and 14 categories of abnormal situations. You can setup a single system to fail or you can set multiple systems to fail in sequence thus simulating broader failure scenarios.

DC-9 Classic Autopilot

The DC-9 Classic is equipped with the Sperry SP-50 Automatic Flight Control System. The Sperry is an old school autopilot with old school features. It may not have all the nice features of a modern autopilot. However, with the low level of automation in an old aircraft like the DC-9, you will find this autopilot indispensable.

Automatic Aircraft Configuration

The Automatic Aircraft Configuration feature, or Auto Config for short, has become one of the signature features of the Coolsky aircraft. The Auto Config feature has been designed to completely and properly set up the aircraft for you according to the selected phase of flight. All systems, switches, knobs and levers will automatically be set according to the appropriate checklist.The Auto Config feature is a set-and-go type of feature. Once you have selected your Auto Config option, all that remains for you to do is fly the aircraft, navigate and enjoy your flight.

Intergrated Cockpit Training System

To help you learn how to fly this new aircraft, the DC-9 Classic comes with an integrated cockpit training system. This training system guides you step-by-step through all the checklists and procedures necessary for the safe and proper operation of the aircraft.As you step through the training lesson, the training system will describe exactly what you need to do. The training system will also automatically open the appropriate panel window and highlight the instrument, switch or lever being discussed. All the guess work and searching for switches has been taken out of the equation.

Dispatch / Flight Center

You can select the number of passengers and amount of cargo you will be transporting, as well as the fuel load needed for the planned flight in the Dispatch section of the Flight Center. You can open a complete Weight & Balance Control form for manual weight and balance calculations and you can print out a departure plan with a complete loadout summary, all in the Dispatch section of the Flight Center.

Various options to customize your DC-9 Classic cockpit environment and training are also available in the Flight Center.

System requirements:

MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR X w/Accleration or SP1/SP2 Installed
Windows - Windows 7, Vista or XP
Processor - 2.8 GHz
Memory - 4 Gb RAM
Video Card - 512 Mb