City Bus Simulator 2010 Gold (Simulator)

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City Bus Simulator 2010 Gold (Simulator)

*The player slips into the role of „Carlos“, bus driver in Manhattan (character is animated and controllable)
*The 3d cockpit is being simulated realistically with all controls and rotatable view
*Physics engine to create a realistic simulation
*Dynamic AI-Traffic
*Animated passengers getting on and off the bus; voice output incl.
*6 exterior camera views plus mirror views left and right
*Dynamic weather and daytimes
*vehicle editor included to expand your entire fleet
*virtual radio station "Double Bass FM." with over 43 tracks from great bands/artists
*City Bus Simulator 2010 Regiobus Usedom

From the "gate to the Island of Usedom", the town of Wolgast, to Germany´s biggest and most beautiful balance bridge, the Peenebridge via the districts of Mahlzow, Bannemin, Zinnowitz, Zempin to the destination of the seaside resort of Koserow. Drive through the preserved nature environment of the Island of Usedom with its forests, avenues, vast grasslands and meadows. The Achterwasser and the beach at Koserow with its pier complete the virtual holiday flair of this add-on. Various missions in lots of varieties will challenge your skills in driving a bus at high speeds and on high frequented main roads. Has the road ever seemed narrower? Take the driver’s seat and check it out!

System requirements:

2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon XP or comparable processor
Windows® Vista / XP, DirectX® 9.0c
Tools: QuickTime-Player
RAM: Windows® XP 1 GB , Windows® Vista 2 GB
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 86xx or a comparable ATI-Graphics Card
Installations-Size: 3.5 GB