Airbus COM / NAV Panel

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Airbus COM / NAV Panel Features :

Functions and characteristics of COM/NAV:

*setting COM1 and COM2 frequency,
*setting NAV1 and NAV2 frequency and radials,
*setting ILS frequency and runway course,
*setting ADF frequency,
*2 six-position LED displays,
*high-standard Alps biaxial encoder ensuring service accuracy and comfort for a long time,
*On/Off switch.

Each panel can be configured as the Captain or Flight Officer panel. All the captions and keys are backlit, it is possible to configure the backlight brightness intensity, the intensity of digital displays, green function diodes and the backlight of the whole panel are individually adjustable. See the instruction manual for more details. We can use several devices of this type simultaneously. The panel can be connected to a computer on which FS operates or to a computer where WideFS programme is installed (it requires the registered version of FSUIPC). The panel works with any aircraft which is installed with Flight Simulator Programme.
The casing, rack, knobs and button masks are powder painted in order to ensure a longer durability of the coating.
If you have several USB devices, we recommend you use an active USB HUB, it means with independent power supply.
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